Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

The Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) enables you to fly as the pilot in command of a single engine aircraft, or as the co-pilot of a multi-crew aircraft conducting commercial operations within Australia.


The CPL is a key step in your aviation career and will open doors to many opportunities across aviation. Take advantage of the benefits that Par Avion Flight Training (PAFT) offers you as you undertake this challenging and fulfilling step in your career.


The Commercial Pilot Licence may be conducted as a full time course over 10 months or part time – whichever suits your needs. On completion of the course you will have a minimum of 153.0 hours of flight training which includes the Private Pilot Licence.


If you already have a Private Pilot License (PPL) we can tailor the CPL course accordingly for you.


There are seven theory subjects to complete for the CPL, each based on topics already encountered during the PPL. The study for each subject can be undertaken as self paced learning or as a structured course conducted by our instructors.

How do I get my CPL?

  • You must be at least 18 years old to get your CPL.
  • Pass a CPL theory exam and flight test.
  • Meet the minimum aeronautical experience requirements of 150 hours.
  • Hold a valid medical certificate.


Please contact us to enquire about current costs.

Where to from here?

Upon successful completion of the Commercial Pilot Licence course most candidates will be looking to gain employment within the aviation sector. PAFT can provide more advanced training for those looking to further their skills such as a Multi-Engine Endorsement and Command Instrument Rating, or for those looking to pass their skills on to others – a Flight Instructor Rating.

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