Our staff

Par Avion Flight Training’s (PAFT’s) dedicated flight instructors are available for you 7 days a week. They have the experience, knowledge and professionalism needed to provide positive and valuable learning experiences.

Our instructors can cater to your needs – whether it be for a full-time course or for weekend flying. You are welcome to call them to discuss your needs and ask us questions. You’ll find that we’re friendly, helpful and keen to assist you to learn to fly or develop your skills/career further.


Ralph Schwertner

Chief Flight Instructor (CFI)

Ralph is a career instructor with over 10,000 hours of instructional flight time. He has been teaching students, commercial pilots, search and rescue pilots and instrument pilots for over 20 years. Ralph is PAFT’s CFI and a CASA approved Aviation Testing Officer. Ralph conducts training and flight tests for all of the courses and ratings we offer at PAFT.


David Wise


David is no stranger to flying in Tasmania, having been flying for several years around Hobart, mainly in training. With a Grade I instructor rating, just like the instructors above, David can send students on their first solo..! A day which will always be remembered. David welcomes both past and future students.


Dain Cairns


Dain has a Grade I instructor rating and works 4 days a week at Par Avion. He also does scenic flights to the Southwest National Park, so if you ever do a tour – you might have him be your pilot!


Peter Gilbert


Peter is a Grade I Instructor, having moved to Tasmania from New South Wales. He trains Instrument and Multi Engine flying as well as doing our regular public transport flying.


Eidan Ben David


Eidan is a grade 2 flight instructor originally from Melbourne. Having spent a few years flying around West Australia teaching Chinese Airline cadets all the way up to their MECIR’s, a brief time as a skydiving pilot and flying across the bass straight at night doing freight runs, he has now relocated to join the team at Par Avion. He has a Multi engine training approval, Instrument Rating training approval and is able to send first solos.


Jesse Hawtree

Ground Instructor

Jesse recently graduated from the Par Avion Flight Training Flying Training program and is currently a ground instructor for Recreational Pilot Licence Theory.

In safe hands

Flying training is a specialised field that requires professionalism and a real emphasis on safety. The Par Avion Flight Training flying staff are dedicated career instructors with a wealth of experience in all aspects of general aviation. All staff are committed to providing students with the highest quality training together with the highest safety standards.